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FRONT PAGE! ~ Boston Globe “Love Among The Volumes”

Got a text message this morning from Melissa (the Boston Bride who got married at the Boston Public library in July) announcing that my shot made the front page of the Boston Globe. Truly an honor to have your image picked amongst the many for a wedding story of stylishly unconventional weddings at the historic library titled “Love Among The Volumes”.

(Below Right) The text message picture I got on my phone from the bride.
(Below Left) 2 Additional images I shot from their beautiful day!



Elegantly Wed….

Just wanted to share this beautiful image of my beautiful Boston bride….got wedding on the brains as I prepare to embark on a weekend filled with 2 more wonderful affairs. It truly is such an honor to be the one chosen and entrusted to document such an amazing moment in 2 people’s lives.

I am going to hold off on featuring the Melissa & Reese’s Boston wedding for a while as I may save that for something else down the road. Until then, enjoy another snippet of pretty-ness…

FAMILY LIFESTYLE | Cassian “Cash” Alexander Li & Family

What’s in a name? Cassian (or Cash as his parents like to call him) who is of mix heritage between Philippino, Chinese & Korean, has an array of diverse names to suit his lineage. Cassian, named after his grandfather has also acquired additional nicknames such as “Porky” or “La Chang” which translate as Chinese Sausage. His middle name, Alexander, is in honor of his father’s brother who passed too early for his time. During the course of the shoot, I was getting a kick out of the names his parents were calling him.

Wanna know the story of how Cash’s mother, Jullie & I met? About 8 years ago, I was commuting downtown to Wall St on my way to work when I randomly striked up a conversation on the train with her (probably because she was wearing something cute that I liked). We kept in touch via email from time to time and thanks to Facebook, we seem to see each other’s life grow older together online from both of us getting married and now Jullie having her first child. We probably met for dinner once over the course of the 8 years. But for anyone who knows me at all, I have the tendency to meet people once and somehow keep them in my life as friends. I was completely honored that Jullie & her wonderful husband Chris wanted me to be their photographer to capture Cash’s early stages of life. The best feeling is the joy & gratitude from Jullie & Chris that were expressed to me on the day of the shoot, but also the days following. I was so happy to know I made the shoot so fun, comfortable and enjoyable for them. I love doing these shoots so much because for a day, I get to be a part in witnessing a young, joyful, growing family & their content-filled memories.

Click the slide show above to see all the rest of the images. It was so hard to narrow down to just the ones being shown.

jullie li - i LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

Alexander cassian | Yourkenoinfo - [...] FAMILY LIFESTYLE | Cassian “Cash” Alexander Li … – Style Art LifeJul 20, 2011 … FAMILY LIFESTYLE | Cassian “Cash” Alexander Li & Family. What’s in a name? Cassian (or Cash as his parents like to call him) who is of mix … [...]

STEPHEN SEO | The Style, Art & Life of a Bespoke Designer

I recently had the privilege of meeting Stephen Seo, an established menswear designer of the Fortune 500 C.E.O crowd. His clienteles boast that of an elite group, of which also includes celebrities and business game changers. Seo’s work is a fresh take on the old houses of Savile Row. Of recent projects, he became the official suit designer for HBO’s Entourage, in which he recently wrapped up the final season.

Stephen Seo started in the business as a Creative Director for a Marketing firm. During one of his trips to London to meet with the C.E.O. of Rolex, Stephen realized his personal appearance was just as important in closing the deal as what his talents offered. Hence, he was introduced to the art and craftsmanship of Savile Row while in London. After having a few suits made, Seo realized there was a new calling for him.

Seo began in learning the process, skills and techniques of the old craftsmanship of the famous lane and took what he knew back to the states. He quickly gained a following and has never looked back.

What is appealing with Seo’s suits are the subtle details that are the markings of his signature. He loves to mix old Scottish tweeds and english herringbones with a pop of beautiful printed silk lining. The suits are then finished with a corresponding pop of button-hole thread color that subtly stands apart from other power suits. His dress shirts also play into the same concept in the contraposition of patterns, colors and textures.

If you are getting married and looking for a more personalized stylish alternative to the tux, I would highly recommend getting a suit custom to your frame and styled by Stephen Seo. Next year I will be photographing a client who is getting married in a Stephen Seo suit.

I brought my husband along as a prospective client during my meeting with Seo. All three of us hit it off so well that Seo took us on a tour of his beautiful home overlooking the NY Stock Exchange off of Wall St. Seo chose the location for the symbolism in which his company represents. His beautiful home boasts a roof deck pool as well as an underground pool secluded in an old bank vault. His building has a golf simulator, one of the few available in Manhattan (like Drive495). Not only does Seo styles the power-packed crowd of C.E.O.’s and the likes, he also lives the style out himself.

I was privy to the details of several deals that Seo has in the works, if all goes well, the label may become synonymous with a luxury lifestyle and fast cars. If you are an investor looking for the next big style maker, you may want to consider the name Stephen Seo.

IVY DATE ~ The Dating Lifestyle

Two Harvard business grads (Beri Meric & Philipp Triebel) came up with a more interesting way to date. IvyDate is making a lifestyle out of  dating by cross-breeding the online date scene with glamorous events to bring dynamic singles together. A step above, it’s a members only dating network bringing together the cream-of-the-crop in Ivy League graduates, ambitious entrepreneurs, interesting artists, doctors and individuals of the academic profession. The vision is geared towards individuals too busy with their career to meet people of a similar dynamic outlook.

As the official photographer for the first of IvyDate’s Summer Series social-mixer thrown at the Hudson Hotel Library & Sky Terrace, I got to witness first hand the great turnout of individuals. In conjunction with their online social-dating website, IvyDate will be throwing a series of mixers (by invite only) throughout posh locations of Manhattan to bring all the dynamic singles into one place.

IvyDate is a great concept for the growing majority of career focus singles who want to meet other great singles without having to sacrifice their career to do so…in fact, the concept could possible enhance their career through the networks of individual one gets to meet in one place!

Pictured above are the masterminds behind the Ivy League level dating network of IvyDate. They focused on making the event high-end providing a great band for the right ambiance and energy, and later brought in a DJ to spin into the late night. It was an honor to be considered amongst the vendor of quality as they chose me for my style of photojournalism and editorial appeal verses a typical event-photographer.

Scroll through the slide show at the beginning of this post to view all the singles of this brilliant event. If you’re single and are interested in the next social event, you can go directly to the to join. Or follow me on Facebook to stay posted on the next IvyDate event for this Summer.

Ivy Date | Summer Series At The Trump Soho » Style Art Life - [...] social mixers by invite only at some of New York city’s hottest venues. The first was at the Hudson Hotel, and this one featured here is at the new Trump [...]

Twah Dougherty • Ivy Date | Summer Series At The Trump Soho - […] social mixers by invite only at some of New York city’s hottest venues. The first was at the Hudson Hotel, and this one featured here is at the new Trump […]


Hope everyone is having a wonderful July 4th weekend celebrating all that makes this country so wonderful and free….like the freedom to find true love as I got to witness this weekend! Congratulations Melissa & Reese on your beautiful, amazing and extremely fun wedding that I was honored to capture.

Trev - Twah – great to briefly meet you at the wedding. Your photos are fantastic. Keep up the inspiring work! Cheers…

Leah - Twah ~ It was a pleasure meeting you at Melissa & Reese’s wedding! I love your work! Your endless energy and passion to capture the moments show in every photo you take. I can’t wait to see more of the wedding photos.

Twah for Style Art Life - Thank you Leah! Can ‘t wait to get the pictures up. I know I have some great ones of you & your beautiful girls!

Twah for Style Art Life - Thank you Trev! Your best man speech was so heartfelt. Also got some great shots of you too!

NEW LIFE | Mackenzie Takes Manhattan…& Hearts

Mackenzie! A bright-eyed doll at 4 months old and completely adored by her parents. It’s quite an amazing feeling to have been invited into a new family’s home, be a part of their morning and witness first hand how much love there is for one little girl.  It’s also quite an honor that her parents have already reserved another date for me to return to capture the next stage in her growth! Look forward to seeing this city babe grow into a city girl!

BOUDOIR | Something for the Man….& Something for the Self

Click on image to scroll through gallery:

Here are a few intimate images (with complete approval from the client…love the confidence of this woman!) which will be a little wedding gift for the lucky groom. She plans on giving these to him the night before the wedding….can  you imagine what will be going through his mind as he sees her walking down the aisle that next day?!….What a wonderfully beautiful idea! 

A boudoir shoot is a gift so perfectly intimate, whether it’s for a lucky someone or just for the self to embrace all that makes you a woman.

Also want to give a very big special THANK YOU to the Z Hotel in Long Island City, NY for allowing us to use their space for this shoot. The Z Hotel is a wonderful new boutique hotel in the very up-and-coming neighborhood of Long Island City, over the river from Manhattan boasting the best panoramic view of the city. If you are planning a visit to NYC, it’s a stylish alternative with affordable rates and an easy train ride away.

Anna Mesen - Twah, These are AWESOME! How sexy and fun! -Anna

Twah for Style Art Life - Thank you Anna!

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