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The other day while running around Manhattan on a day full of shoots, I thought to myself…how amazing is it to be born a women in this era & living in this country. A large chunk of the glass ceiling has been broken by a previous generation of strong women in various industries. The idea of a women having to dress like a man to make it to the top has faded. I am seeing powerful women in their corner offices closing major Wall Street deals while perched in her stiletto Louboutins. The old adage of having to choose between being a mother or a career women has meshed into one. In this time of opportunity and abundance, a woman can do both. I love that the range and options for fashion to express oneself is endless. You can be a hipster in your Tom’s shoes one day and later if your mood takes you to a delicate cocktail dress for the evening, so be it.

In this era, I love that I see more and more career women helping other career women to the top. My photography mentor, the beautiful and talented Inbal Sivan has always said “there’s plenty of work to go around”. I always tell my friends I want to make it to “my top”  (as being at “the top” could mean something different for each person) and that I will help as many of my ladies get there with me…why not make the journey fun with peers to share the struggles and successes along the way… so when we all make it there, being at the “top” won’t be so lonely.

So in my random Thanksgiving rant, I want to say I am thankful “…to be a women in this era (& especially in New York City) where the opportunities are endless, fashion rules no longer exist & we can define/reinvent ourselves a 100 times over as we please.” … as quoted in the beautiful NYC Stylist’s Blog of Natalie Decleve:



ENGAGED | Janice + Joey

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 Joey & Janice met on Fire Island while Summering there with friends. So of course, it was only appropriate to have their engagement session where they first met and continued to spend their Summers together the years after.

Joey is in the boating insurance business, so it was a bit apropos to include a nautical touch to the day’s shoot. I love the sweetness of their relationship and both of their willingness to go with me on the ideas I had…even Janice was willing to get splashed by the waves in her pretty dress to get the right shot.. It was really an honor to spend the day with them as we rode the ferry over together and then ran around the quaint little area of Fire Island. Weather was amazing and I was soaking up every moment of the morning light that came our way.

Mary Ellen Pilkington - Absolutely, positively beautiful!!!!!
All the best of luck & happiness always -
Mary Ellen

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!!!!

EXPECTATIONS | A Morning Beach Boudoir

I feel completely blessed to have so many beautiful clients. This shoot steals my breath away every time I go to work on the images. I am speechless at this expectant mother’s beauty, I really don’t have any words to accompany them….Instead, I will use the words of one of my favorite NY poet:

“…worlds contained in sifting grains of sand, cultured or purely illusory, pearls do suspend whatever appears most beautiful, sustain all secret soon~too, woefully, never~to reveal.”   *Jack Cooper

To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir | Mamas at Work - [...] out some adorable sessions from Caroline Tran Photography as well.  Oh and take a look at these maternity boudoir photos from Twan of Style Art [...]

FREE GIVE AWAY! | Well Wed ~ Vermont Wedding Affair

Hello lovely brides & dashing grooms! Vermont Vows ~ Well Wed Magazine has been so gracious to present a lucky Style-Art-Life reader 2 free tickets (valued at $40/each) to attend the amazing Vermont Wedding Affair this weekend , Oct 29, 2011 at the Coach Barn in Shelburn Farms, a breathtaking venue in picturesque Shelburn, Vermont. Simply leave a comment in this post below or on Style Art Life’s facebook page and a winner will be randomly selected Wednesday evening.

Being a Well Wed reader, during my wedding planning process I attended the same event in the Hamptons ~  Well Wed’s Hampton Affair ~ which was a huge jumping off point to finding all my select vendors. I even dragged my amazing husband along…and once he warmed up to the idea, he had fun doing what he did best, asking lots of questions about costs while I got to taste all the cakes and caterer’s bite size yummies. It’s a great way to meet all the vendors in one location which can be a huge time saver. You’ll also get to see some of the best vendor’s latest work to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing to plan that uniquely stylish event that is all your own.

Image provided below by Well Wed:

The homespun-themed Vermont Wedding Affair invites you to step into a rustic-chic world of wedding wonder and plan the nuptials of your dreams. Join us on Saturday, October 29th at Shelburne Farms for the Vermont Wedding Affair!

At this year’s event, handcrafted details will set the tone for an inspiring showcase of inventive decor and complimentary, homespun fare — including chocolates, pastries, cheeses and cakes. Even better, a silent auction of fabulous gift certificates and luxury items will benefit those affected by Hurricane Irene, and each lucky bride-to-be will receive a gift bag containing fabulous local goodies. Attendees will have the chance to mingle with the some of the best wedding professionals in Vermont before heading into the spa to enjoy relaxing hand and foot treatments, and hair and makeup consultations. From bridal couture, to workshops and seminars, if you are planning a Vermont wedding – this is an event not to be missed!

About the Event: The Vermont Wedding Affair
Date: Saturday, October 29 {3-7pm}
Location: The Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Vermont
For More info + tickets:

Simply leave a comment below or on


Natasha - Oh my gosh, what a great giveaway! I would love tickets to this event- it seems like it’s FULL of amazing inspiration and would make planning so much easier!

DANIELLE + JUSTIN | A New York Fairy Tale

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Danielle & Justin are officially married! Since their engagement session back in May, I have been counting down ever since to this spectacular affair. This wedding has me falling in love with the idea of a classic fairy tale wedding turned into a very contemporary soiree made for the silver screens.

What made this wedding truly beautiful was the family in attendance and the love that was showered on the couple.  It was so hard to edit down the story of the day as there were so many great moments, expressions of love and joy caught frozen in time.  I tend to get personally attached to each image shot. Somehow, I have managed to pull off a tight edit to retell the story…and the rest can be a sweet surprise for the bride & groom to enjoy!

If the bride was the main star of the show, then her sister Crystal (who was the Maid-of-Honor), shined as the supporting cast. Crystal was truly there to serve Danielle with all her heart. Plus, she TOTALLY got the gist of my photography direction that she started to help direct the group when it came to formal pictures and such. Crystal also had one the most hilarious & memorable Maid-Of-Honor speech (really a song) ever, completely sap-free. And if Crystal was the supporting star, then Mel (my amazing teammate & Event Specialist) was the director behind the scenes that made it all go so smoothly without a hitch (more details at the bottom).

The groom, without a doubt was the leading man and looked very James-Bond-esque in his tux (yep, Justin, don’t blush too much). And I also have the tendency to get attached to the parents when shooting a wedding. I ADORE both their parents. Nothing makes me more warm & fuzzy than seeing what a great bond there is between family members. A stylish event made spectacular because of the Love!

Behind the Scenes: One thing that is wonderful about Danielle is that she’s a go-with-the-flow kind of woman and pretty much can handle any situation without getting worked up. Initially, Danielle had no intention of hiring a Day-Of-Coordinator because she thought it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage 100 guests. Well, I must say….

With the continual growth of my business, I recently asked Mel S. to join my collaborative team to take over the event planning side of the business for Style Art Life. I like to say she specializes in “saving the day”. Mel stepped in last minute to help Danielle tie up all loose ends and seamlessly ran the day, fixing all the issues that arise along the way. Lets just say after all that happened behind the scenes, by the end of the night, Danielle turned to me and said “imagine if Mel wasn’t here!” My point is, the one investment worth making is hiring a coordinator. If you really want to have fun and enjoy your big day, then this is one way to make it happen.

Saving a separate post for Mel & her services later on down the line. In the mean time, please feel free to contact to inquire about all the awesome things she can do for you.  I always like to say “Let Mel be bridezilla so you can be the bride”

VENUE:  Chelsea Mansion |  DRESS: Priscilla Of Boston  |  SHOES: Jimmy Choo  | GROOM’S TUX:  YSL  | TENTS: NY Tents  |  MUSIC: Scratch Weddings  |  STRINGS ENSEMBLE:  Art-Strings   |  CAKE:  Audrey’s Fine Baked Goods   |   FLORALS:  Lovin Oven Floral Designs   |  LUXURY PORTABLE RESTROOMS:  Royal Restrooms  | EVENT COORDINATOR:

Mel Saladino - Justin and Danielle look fabulous! Stellar job, Twah!

I would have to agree… Crystal was amazing!

Annmarie Kreischer - These photos were absolutely amazing!! I already knew the bride was beautiful and amazing but viewing this made me feel like I was watching a love story evolve before my eyes! Awesome, beautiful, I love it!

Thank you!


Danielle Roth - Thank you Annmarie. Your comment is very very sweet!!! Thank you!!!

FEATURED IN WELL WED! » Style Art Life - [...] Style Art Life gets a double whammy! Danielle & Justin’s wedding is featured on Well Wed’s Hamptons Blog and the Spring/Summer 2012 WELL WED Magazine [...]

Twah Dougherty • FEATURED IN WELL WED! - […] Style Art Life gets a double whammy! Danielle & Justin’s wedding is featured on Well Wed’s Hamptons Blog and the Spring/Summer 2012 WELL WED Magazine […]

FEATURED | Well Wed Magazine ~ Hamptons Edition

Oct 3 was the official roll out of the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Well Wed Magazine. Well Wed is a Regional Boutique Magazine selectively offering the best wedding resources specific to each area. Well Wed currently covers regions such as New York/Manhattan, The Hamptons, Vermont, The Capes & New England.

During the planning of my wedding, I was definitely a Well Wed reader, even going to their Wedding Event held out in the Hamptons.

I am honored to say my personal wedding is currently a featured wedding in the Fall/Winter 2011 Hamptons Edition. My husband & I are of the contemporary sorts. We have yet to make a wedding album and will probably use this magazine as our coffee table display instead.

Also, an additional thanks to Ray at Jarrell Entertainment  for blogging this feature as well….and especially a big thanks for saving the day with swooping in last minute to fill our music need. His team so stylishly rocks!

FEATURED | Jim Hjelm Real Brides Site Launch

Today is the official launch of the Jim Hjelm “Real Bride” site.

Recently, an exec from the Jim Hjelm Bridal group reached out to me for permission to use images from Dana + Carl’s wedding to be a part of the site launch of the Jim Hjelm website. Dana wore a beautiful Jim Hjelm dress of Alencon lace. You can view the new section of the site here and click on each image for more details of each wedding! I must say…I’m sort of grinning ear to ear knowing my shot is the first and top corner on the site page. heee! heee! heee!

F a c e b o o k   U P D A T E S