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MARRIED | Erin & Brett

I have been meaning to blog about this wedding to fill you in on the details and experience. But can’t seem to find the time right now. Sad face. Hope you enjoy the slideshow till my schedule slows down a bit. In this wedding, the guests do a flash mob to “All the Single Ladies” which was hilarious!

Click on Image below to View Erin & Brett’s Highlight Slideshow (May take a few seconds to load):

vencanice blanche - Pink shoes, amazing idea. The bride is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jaclyn - Thanks S.A.L for posting this beautiful wedding. I love the gray scale of the bridesmaid dresses, the pop of color in the shoes. Also the hidden surprise that the bride is in on it! It’s all in the details and your photography captured all these little inside jokes. I don’t know Erin or Brett, but I feel as though I went to their wedding and had a fantastic time. Congrats to them and you for capturing these memories!!


Sometimes I like to surprise my couples with a little fun to make their wedding special or different. I brought 2 sparklers (left over from my own wedding) for Susan & Jun to do a “good night” shot. It’s usually a shot I like to do to end the event with, sort of like the grand finale shot. Since I shoot my weddings like a story, there has to be a beginning, middle, crescendo and grand finale.  Also for venues that I have shot at several times over such as Blue Hill At Stone Barns, I always try to come up with ways to make it different from the last time I shot there. So adding a sparkler scene to this venue was just the perfect touch to end the night. Plus if you can’t already tell from the picture, Susan looked so happy as she bursts out in laughter (like she did the whole day!) and Jun looked like the world’s most content man, looking at Susan as if she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Man I love what I do!

vencanice blanche - Wow, what a nice photo. This couple is so happy, we can see that.


Just had to share a little goodie (with the client’s approval)  that came in the mail recently. If you are stumped for a great wedding gift or Anniversary gift idea… there’s nothing more intimate and special than that “Little Black Book” of the “other” you. Marriages should be filled with surprises, risks and bedroom adventures which is what this gift can do.

Whether you’re getting married, celebrating an Anniversary, going through a personal life change or just wanting to add a little fire to your daily life, Boudoir shoots are such an empowering way to appreciate the self which is so wonderfully created. I want every women who sits in front of my lens to realize the personal beauty that exudes from their inner self, to appreciate what they think are “flaws”…or at least embrace it, for there is always someone who will  love that flaw that was purposefully created.

SWEET LITTLE VALENTINE…. » Style Art Life - [...] seem so passé, why not a little fire to kindle the day… in the form of a boudoir shoot and a little black book. The best part is they won’t realize it’s what they’ve always wanted until they [...]

Boston Public Library Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty

So stoked Mel & Reese’s Boston Public Library Wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty recently. A lot of images on there haven’t even been posted to this site yet. So go check out the gallery. I have been so far behind on posting new material to my site, please forgive me. There are soooo many awesome weddings waiting in the wings that I have yet to find time to write about. Until then, for those who are following my work (and I THANK YOU for doing so) can continue to see the snippets of newness I share on my Facebook page. Thank you also for those who always send me so many encouraging emails or post wonderful comments on my wall or constantly share your love for my work with others.

vencanice nis - This is so fantastic. Romantic photos, and so beautifull couple. Thanks for sharing!

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