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ENGAGED | Erin+Brett {Central Park}

I have labeled Erin & Brett as the “America’s Sweetheart” couple… Both stemming from the midwest and now living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Erin & Brett have such a pleasant energy about them. It makes my heart smile seeing that the hardness of New York City has not affected them one bit. Brett is a school teacher in Harlem who loves his kids and Erin is a talented jewelery designer.

For the proposal, Brett had planned to propose to Erin at the Cloister and came up with a story of having to meet out-of-town guests there. Erin was quick to his game and figured out his intent of proposing before he could get her there. With foiled plans and a ring in his pocket, he continued on with his dinner reservations at the Central Park Boathouse and said he will figure another time to surprise her. Erin thought he still might propose at dinner and when that didn’t happen she really did put the thought out of her mind. It was only on their walk home afterwards on their front doorstep did Bret feel the time was right at that moment. And so organically the proposal took place and ended up surprising Erin any way. Did I say I’m a sucker for engagement stories? I love this one because the proposal did not go as perfectly planned which made it so perfect.

So for the engagement shoot, it was only apropos to retrace that day by starting on their front doorstep where the proposal took place and then we headed over to Central Park’s Boathouse to finish the story.

Mel - This is great work Twah! I love the slideshow set to music format!!!

Daphne - Great song with great slideshow. Would like to know what’s the song name is it.
Thanks so much.

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